This is El Nomado

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El Nomado is a “One-Off” creation by Owner, Designer and Builder; Joe Cherry.  El Nomado has been referred to as a “Phantom”… A car that GM could have produced in 1958 but did not.  It was not until 1959 that the El Camino was introduced to the public and the body style was MUCH different than the 1958 “Sculpted” body style.  Joe Cherry took the challenge of creating a unique “what if” vehicle in El Nomado.

What Designer and Builder Joe Cherry and his hand picked team of master craftsmen created is nothing less than a breathtaking example of what a 1958 El Camino COULD have looked like had GM decided to produce this car with the 1958 styling.  The result is truly amazing.

El Nomado has some modern technical upgrades and you can view the list on the “Features” page. You can also view all of the “classic” components that were retained from the original donor vehicles…like the 348 Cubic Inch engine.

GM could have produced this body style from the sheet metal that was coming out of Detroit in 1958.  Joe Cherry used a 1958 4 door Chevy Nomad wagon and a 1958 2 door Chevy Biscayne to create the proportion of El Nomado.  The Biscayne was used as a donor vehicle for the longer doors that were not available on the 4 door Nomad wagon.  You can get a better idea of the joining of these two cars from the