Best Keyword Sources to Boost Organic Traffic


Sourcing keywords can be hard at times. This is especially to newbies in the SEO industry. Sometimes it becomes hard to even the existing experts. This is because there are dynamic changes in the industry which are changing the whole thing completely. For instance, these days, firms are opting to go with long tailed keywords. This makes it harder to comprehend exactly what potential clients want. However, as the saying goes, when it gets tough, the tough get going. This article aims at shedding a light at some of the sources of keyword research.


Google Autocomplete

This is not tied to Google alone as a majority of the other search engines have enabled this feature too. Whenever you type something at the search bar, this feature tends to complete your query automatically. These autocomplete suggestions are mainly based on real user queries. However, they tend to vary geographically. The good thing with autocomplete is that it gives a variety of keywords (specific and longtail). Therefore, you can pick both types and optimize your content comfortably. Another thing is that the queries are based on a ‘freshness’ algorithm. This means that you will get the most recent results.

Google Related Searches

We are using Google since it is the most popular globally. Sometimes, you could scrape Google’s suggestion box and results for keywords. There are several keyword research guides that will talk comprehensively on how to scrape Google suggestion box. This is the process of collecting search statistics from the search engines, identifying the keywords and using them to optimize your content. However, you will find that search engines will not welcome this idea. They say that it is going against their terms and conditions. They will block SEO experts trying to hunt for keywords. On a lighter note, if you do it cautiously, you will not be blocked and you will gain a lot.


At you are sure to find all sorts of keywords. The idea behind this website is to give definitions. With definitions comes keywords that you can simply tap and use to your advantage in optimizing your content.


At times, you will get all you need from your competitors. This is in regards to ideas. There is a theory that states that actions between competitors are interdependent. This tries to state that by focusing on your competitor, you could gain a lot. In this case, visiting websites owned by competitors will give you ideas that you can perfect and beat them in their own game.



The list of the sources of keywords is endless. You must broaden your SEO keyword research so as to get the best keywords to use in your content and sites. This way, you will be a notch higher than your competitors in terms of the traffic and sales you make.

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